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  1. What are the ingredients of the caffeine complex?

    The caffeine complex is an energizing ingredient formula from caffeine, the trace element zinc and niacin.

  2. Do I really have to wash my hair every day?

    Although shampoos were used almost exclusively to cleanse scalp and hair in the past, Dr. Wolff Research has now succeeded in developing a method for transporting caffeine all the way to the hair based on a shampoo formula.

    The caffeine remains detectable for up to 24 hours. As a result, regular application of caffeine shampoo activates the hair in a sustainable manner, thereby creating the prerequisite for vigorous and healthy hair growth. Alternatively, you should massage Alpecin Caffeine Liquid into the scalp on the days you do not wash your hair to provide your hair with sufficient energy.

  3. I suffer from hair loss*. Should I use Alpecin Caffeine Liquid or Caffeine Shampoo C1 or both?

    For a more intensive prevention effort, it makes sense to use both products. Especially for people who do not wash their hair on a daily basis, the additional use of Alpecin Caffeine Liquid is by all means recommended.

    *without a result of a medical condition

  4. Does drinking coffee help to prevent hair loss*?

    Since you ingest coffee orally, it will first pass through the gastrointestinal organs to be absorbed by the organism at a later time. Subsequently, it is distributed throughout the body and only a tiny quantity reaches the scalp and the hair directly. As a result, a local and direct supply of caffeine is meaningful and necessary. Even the consumption of 50 cups of coffee would not provide the hair with enough caffeine.

    *without a result of a medical condition

  5. Would it make sense to perform a scalp massage with coffee?

    Caffeine from coffee is not able to travel along the hair. This requires a special carrier base (galenics) that transports the energizing ingredients to the location where they can develop their effect. Our scientists have researched this area for a long time and have now succeeded in developing a method for transporting caffeine all the way into the hair.

  6. Are the caffeine-based Alpecin products also appropriate for women?

    Alpecin products were specifically developed for the requirements of male scalps, which is also reflected by the fragrance and the very masculine packaging. However, the caffeine-based energizing ingredient complex is also effective in women, so that the products can also be used by women.

  7. When should I begin with using Alpecin?

    If you have a tendency towards hair loss*, application should start as early as possible, i.e. before the hairs’ energy supply ceases.

    *without a result of a medical condition

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